Rely On Our Expert Service To Keep Your Porsche In The Best Possible Running Condition.

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We ensure you that we are just as smart and a better alternative. The Porsche recall number is AB02. i have had about 25 different cars in my time, from jag's, to Audi's, to Benz, many American cars as well. this porsche is BY FAR the most fun to drive. it drives like nothing else. it can take turns like no other car i have ever driven. i have had very few mechanical issues. mileage is good at 25 on road, 21 in city. there are many great ones for sale & for around $10- $12,000 you can get a lo... Please use our website to find a nearby Porsche mechanic with dealer-level expertise, at a fraction of the expense. Bonnet Latch Fails To Secure Bonnet 81 vehicles are being recalled because their front passenger seats use a defective wiring harness used to control knee and frontal air bags. Assuring Porsche's high standards of performance and quality requires skilled and trained professionals who adhere strictly to Porsche restoration procedures. Our Porsche mechanics have years of experience on all models from the 356 and early Porsche 911, to the early water-cooled cars such as the Porsche 944, Porsche 928 and Porsche 968. We are an affordable substitute of the expensive auto mobile dealership. Now 9 months later it has 99k. We are committed to the upkeep and maintenance of our customers' fine auto mobiles.

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Now 9 months later it has 99k. We'll try to respond in a timely manner. Kay! Call and make your appointment today! Our shop is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment for all Porsche vehicles. The car looks great and i get a lot of compliments when I drive it. Browse around our website and send us your questions. Rely on our expert service to keep your Porsche in the best possible running condition. Every time we see your Porsche we will perform a free 40 point inspection so we can advise you on the state of your vehicle.

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